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  • Fake or Fortune

    The BBC was in the country, more specifically in Turnhout for the program "Fake or Fortune", the English version of "Tussen kunst en kitch" or "Rijker dan je denkt". For the sound they called upon Philipsfilmsound.

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  • EFP presentations

    Done sound for Lapino Albino during the shoot of several "sound actions" of different kinds of jobs from which a rhythmic edit is made:

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  • Maximus

    Finished with the sounddesign for "Maximus", a graduation short by Vincent Groos.
    Check it out here

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  • De Figurant (The Extra)

    At the moment busy with the dialogue editing for "De Figurant (The Extra)", a crime/comedy feature film directed by Daniel Lambo and written by Fikry El Azzouzi
    More info on

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  • Canadian docu

    Helped with a Canadian docu about the unknown soldiers of worldwar 1 in Belgium and France


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  • Kira on Festivals

    The short Kira directed by Dilgesh Rojbeyani has been selected for some festivals. Starting with 2015 IFIPG Monthly Short Screenplay contest United States; Short of the Month's March Online Short Film Festival 2015 India; Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae 2015 - in Italy; Le Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes; Annual Short Film Contest Puerto Rico 2015; Three Cities Festival and Conference 2015 Dominican Republic. New York. Los Angeles

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