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  • Hollywood at the Schelde

    Film in Belgium, how is it evoluated ? Robbe De Hert was/is filmmaker and famous for De Witte, Lijmen/Het Been, Blueberry Hill, Gaston's War,...With this docu he wants to show the film evolution in Belgium. 

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  • Hollywood aan de Schelde

    Film in België, hoe is het geëvolueerd ? Robbe De Hert was/is filmmaker en bekend van ondermeer De Witte, Lijmen/Het Been, Blueberry Hill, Gaston's War,...
    En maakt via deze docu een beeld over de Belgische cinema. 

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  • FOH and monitoring

    Besides sound for EFP and television, we also specialise in live sound. So if you're looking for a sound engineer
    to do FOH or monitoring, or if you're having a live event with speakers, feel free to contact us.

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  • Living home forever

    For the "White Yellow cross" done locationsound and mixing for a commercial about a personal emergency button.

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  • Fake or Fortune

    The BBC was in the country, more specifically in Turnhout for the program "Fake or Fortune", the English version of "Tussen kunst en kitch" or "Rijker dan je denkt". For the sound they called upon Philipsfilmsound.

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  • EFP presentations

    Done sound for Lapino Albino during the shoot of several "sound actions" of different kinds of jobs from which a rhythmic edit is made:

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